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Local Attractions
Scenic Shots of Crow Head/ Twillingate Islands
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Twillingate Islands

There is lots to do in Twillingate so plan your trip accordingly.

There are several museums including the world famous Twillingate Museum which houses the story of Georgina Stirling, the opera singer who was famous during the 1800's.

You can take a boat tour to view icebergs and whales, take in a theatrical performance from one of our many talented drama groups or enjoy some local traditional music while snacking on tea and toutons. Kids will never be bored with the endless beaches to explore and beautiful hiking trails to climb. They will certainly love Twillingate’s most popular exhibit - the Polar Bear at the Durrell Museum.

Our Fish Fun & Folk Festival takes place annually during the last weekend in July and is one of the largest and longest running folk festivals in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador. The Festival is proud of its now world wide recognition and success as a family-oriented Festival celebrating the culture of Newfoundland. Don’t miss the fireworks

Victoria Cottage is 2-3 min walk from All Around The Circle Dinner Theatre.

Long Point Lighthouse is a 15 minutes walk up the hill, for breathtaking panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. 

Long Point Lighthouse 15min walk from cottage

Split Peas....local singing group (excellent)